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How We Got Started

Our story starts on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the tropical mountains above old Kona. A botanist and his dog, Dojah, saved a old farmer's crop with organic remedies. During this time, Dojah spent his days cruising the coffee plantation, watching everyone work. Dojah loved the farm life.  Each morning Dojah was awaken by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. He would get so excited, for he knew it was time for his morning walk. Once the botanist's job was over, Dojah was sad to leave the farm. He was in love with the coffee trees and the fragrance of freshly roasted coffee. I couldn't leave without my best friend. So when it was time to move back to our home in Amherst, Ohio. We decided to create My Best Friend Coffee Company. A coffee roasting company serving a variety of specialty coffee. Many days have been spent perfecting each profile, so we can share the amazing tastes in each bean. Dojah was no longer sad from leaving Hawaii. He now gets to smell coffee everyday that we've imported from some of the best farms around the world.
We have made our mission to provide everyone with the freshest coffee possible. When you purchase a bag of My Best Friend Coffee, your order will always ship within 48 hours of being roasted. That way, everyone can feel the same excitement and joy that Dojah felt while living on the farm. Since my best friend was my inspiration for this company, Dojah is on every bag of My Best Friend Coffee.